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Our pricing, fair and honest...

Here at Accolade Electrical we believe in honest, transparent pricing. We charge in 15 minute increments for labour and our callout charges are very reasonable. If you don't see a price in the list below for what you need please email us or give us a call for clarification.
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NB - All prices shown are exclusive of any applicable VAT

* Callout rates include first hour of any labour charge
** Hourly Rate charged in whole or part 15 minute increments
+ Cost of Electrical Testing will vary depending upon a number of factors, particularly size of building, number of fuseboards and circuits, required working times, occupation status and availability of previous certification etc. Free fixed price quotes can usually (but not always) be given prior to commencement
++ Price shown above for Domestic Consumer Unit replacement is a minimum figure and will vary depending upon a number of factors, primarily number of circuits
+++ Minimum charge of £85.00 plus VAT applies to all Portable Appliance Testing

Wherever possible we will endeavour to give a fixed price quotation prior to commencement, this does not apply to any fault finding or work where exact specifications/requirements cannot be given prior to commencement. The prices quoted above should be considered approximate and may vary, please contact our office, either by email or telephone for further information and to discuss your requirements