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Electric Vehicle Charging

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It's all very new isn't it? The internal combustion engine has ruled for well over a century but things are changing….. This year, over 20% of all new vehicle sales have been electric and that number looks set to increase year on year as electric becomes the primary source of power in our domestic vehicles. Installing a Chargepoint can be a tricky business, there are lots of things to consider (including government help) but we're here to help you through it and get you in an electric vehicle which you can charge at home, hassle free.

So why choose us?

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We are a full NICEIC Approved Contractor, an authorised PodPoint Installer, and we are also on the OZEV Authorised Installers List (which means we can claim the EVHS Grant on your behalf and deduct it from the installation cost, see EVHS below). We have almost 20 years experience of working in customers homes with hundreds of satisfied customers (as you can see on our Checktrade Feedback Page here) so when you contact us to install your EV Chargepoint you know you are in safe hands. When you call, our friendly staff will ask for your contact details and will then send out a couple of simple forms for you to fill in and return electronically along with a couple of pictures. In around 85% of cases we can then provide you with a quotation from the information provided or we may have to arrange a free site visit for more complicated installations. If you're happy with the price, we can arrange a fitting date and get you up and running as soon as we can. (A typical installation will cost between £800 - £1000 pounds (including the £350 grant deduction) and will usually take 3-4 hours)

The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS)

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If you thinking about purchasing an electric vehicle or if you already have one, there is a government subsidy to partially fund the installation of a charge point at your home address. There are some conditions to be met in order to apply for the grant and you must use an OZEV Approved Installer (Accolade Electrical is an Approved Installer) but we will claim the grant on your behalf and deduct it from the bill