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Commercial Electrical Testing

It's something we all take for granted, something we generally don't even think about. Computers, Power Tools, Lighting, Heating and even the kettle we use to make the tea. They all just work, don't they? The only time we tend to realise just how much we rely on electricity is when all of a sudden, someone switches it off and we are usually plunged into chaos and darkness! So how do we ensure that the lights stay on, that the computers keep running and that the people who use an electrical installation can feel safe in the knowledge that if something does go wrong, any disruption will be minimised and that it's safe for everyone to plug in and use electrical equipment? Simple really, get it tested!

But it works, so what's the problem?

Just because the lights are on and the computers are running, doesn't necessarily mean all is well with the electrical installation. Insurance Companies are becoming more aware of the potential dangers of sub-standard electrical installations in commercial properties as well as the possible Health & Safety implications should an employee or customer have an electrical accident. Here at Accolade our engineers are fully trained to carry out Period Electrical Inspections of the fixed wiring at your premises. We can arrange to carry out your Periodic inspection at a time to suit you in order to minimise any disruption to the working environment. If required we can arrange to carry out your electrical testing outside of normal working hours.

How often should we test?

How often you test will depend on what type of work you undertake, what else the building is used for, how many competent people are able to monitor the general condition of the electrical installation and many other factors. Most commercial buildings should be inspected every 1-5 years, the more arduous the conditions, the more often the installation should be inspected. For more information on how often your installation should be tested you can have a look at the Institute of Engineering & Technology website or even easier, just give us a call. Our staff are able to assist and offer advice on how often you should be carrying our Periodic Electrical Testing. We are a full NICEIC Approved Contractor, our staff are extremely competent and all certification will be completed and dispatched within 2 working days of completion on-site. We have carried out Periodic Testing in all sorts of Commercial Environments and will be only too pleased to assist you.