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Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) for Homebuyers & Landlords

As anyone who has bought a house before will know, and those doing it for the first time will find out, it can be a tricky, time consuming, expensive business. Usually when purchasing a property a Lender will require some sort of Building Survey, ranging from a brief mortgage valuation report to a complete inspection which can cost a considerable sum. Most house buyers will pay for some sort of building survey and will usually feel that it is money well spent but the vast majority of house buyers do not get the gas supply checked and even fewer get the electrical installation tested. An Electrical Installation Condition Report, carried out for as little as £120 plus VAT could highlight any potential problems with the electrics BEFORE you buy, potentially saving thousands of pounds if significant defects are discovered.

So what if the Electrics aren't up to scratch??

If the house you are buying needs re-wiring the cost will be several thousand pounds and this won't include the repair and re-decoration work required afterwards. The £150 - £200 you spend on an EICR will look like a very wise investment if the inspection uncovers a significant amount of work is required to bring the installation up to a satisfactory standard. If you suspect that the electrics look old a call to our office to arrange an inspection will give you peace of mind and could save you thousands so why take the risk? For more information about the EICR, how it is carried out and what you should expect to receive please click here to visit the Electrical Safety Council (ESC) website.

And what about Landlords?

Although there is no legal obligation to carry out regular checks on the electrics in a rental property, landlords do have an obligation to ensure that the property is safe. The Electrical Safety Council (ESC) recommends that a check of the electrical installation in rented properties is carried out every five years, and that interim checks are carried out on an annual basis. If you would like to discuss having an EICR carried out at your property our staff will be very pleased to advise you. For further information on Landlord's responsibilities regarding electrical safety check out the ESC Landlord Resources Section here